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Hello all, I am 54 years old and I have been on lisinopril 10mg for high BP for about 4 years. A few months ago I was out shoveling and my pulse raced to about 180 and i felt very dizzy/feet felt heavy. I was able to lay down, relax and it went away. I few weeks after that I was walking and I had another pulse spike to 180. I called 911 thinking i was going to pass out but thankfully I was able to relax and get home. Eventually the pulse spike repeated a few times in a day while sitting so I went to the ER. They monitored my BP which was high at around 181 over 106 but after a few hours came down to 145 over 99. They released me with a new prescription of metoprolol 25mg. I contacted a cardiologist and she did a heart monitor (24hour) a heart cardiogram and a stress tests. The monitor was normal, the echo was also normal. the stress test was a horrible event since they were calling out my BP while i was doing it and it spiked up over 181 and i basically panicked and stopped it. I was identified a few years ago with having one side of my heart with slightly thicker wall of muscle but sorry I do not recall that medical term for it. This causes my heart to pump harder i believe. Anyway after all the test and the stress test the cardiologist increased the lisinopril to 40mg and the metoprolol to 50mg. After a few weeks on both I was a mess being dizzy when standing. I asked the cardo to help with that and she only responded asking for my BP readings and did not reply once i gave them to her. Unfortunately I did not really like this doctor and she left me feeling like just a case number to her so I asked to switch to another one who I will be seeing in about 10 days. I have cut my lisinopril back to 20mg and the metoprolol back to 25. My dizziness is manageable but I would like to speak to the new doctor on other meds to help with that. My blood pressure readings now are 148 over 92 yesterday and 130 over 88 today. So it appears the lower doses are settling with me better. No more pulse spikes and i feel almost normal except for the occasional dizziness. I am wondering if anyone else has a similar medical reaction and what replacements were offered that worked? Thank you all. DougD

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Hi @dougd so sorry you are dealing with elevated heart rate. You will see that I moved your comment to a discussion about Afib, racing heart and medication so that you can connect with other people who may be experiencing the same thing.
Have you researched Afib, palpitations, or Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT)?