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voice hoarseness

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Hello @camaroyo,

As someone with a paralyzed vocal cord, I can certainly understand your concern about losing your voice. I understand how difficult it is to communicate with the raspiness and the weakness of voice. I encourage you to look at the link that @johnbishop suggested.

Have you looked into treatments for a paralyzed vocal cord? They are available. You will want to consult with an otolaryngologist who is an ENT but who is specifically trained in vocal cord treatment. I had surgery at Clevland Clinic about six years ago. A Silastic implant was put into the paralyzed vocal cord which helped it to close up with the healthy cord. This procedure provided me with a better voice volume. I also have less fatigue as I'm not using all my energy to make words come out.

Before this procedure, I had problems swallowing and also choking. Do you have swallowing or choking problems as well?

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actually, sometimes when im drinking water i cant drink contineously I need to drink slowly or else I get choked in the midle of drinking.and up to now I havent gone to Dr.due to pandemic.as much as I would love to visit a dr. but I cant😷🙁maybe after the pandemic is over…besides were on a lockdown scenario thats oneof the biggest problem. for now I have to wait for the pandemic to be over in order for me to get into a specialist.afraid to get into a hospital for check up.But I will keep u posted when I have a chance to get in a dr. thanks from all who takes time to help appreciate it a lot🙏🏻👍❤️😷God Bless and Keep Safe!!😷😷

@hopeful33250 thanks for your information. I recently saw an ENT and am scheduled for a CT scan in a few days. Just starting this process. I do choke and trying hard to be careful of that. So worried I won’t be able to get help. I do lose voice, when/if I have one very fast and get breathy. I don’t feel I have swallowing problems but, I have noticed that my throat will spasm sometimes…like a tight knot and hurts a little. Guessing it may be from this paralysis. Researching for a specialist. Family in Ma. and Mass General in Boston is 6th in the nation for these problems…so considering possibly…. plus have another issue to get fixed so sort of overwhelmed at the moment…again thx for responding…