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Intravenous dye after COVID vaccines

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It may not be required to have eye shots, we'll see what the Dr. says. I've already had cataracts removed and lenses implanted years ago.

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@mcelfresh06– Ah. Well the best of luck. Please let us know how this turns out for you.

Mcelfresh06, I used to get eye injections, and I always went in to the appointment with the expectation that I would need one. But, I was sure happy when the retina special would say, "Not today".
I have not had any dye treatment because my vein leakage at the back of my eye was visible on scans that he used. I was usually scheduled for a series of 4 injections that were spaced at varying intervals.
I am sure that your husband will be a big support for you. I hope you don't intend to drive yourself, because he will most likely refuse to do the injection in that case.

Would you like to meet other members eho are discussion eye conditions? We have a Discussion Group, and since There are so many conditions, I want you to feel free to scroll thru the list of discussions to find one that interests you (or your husband) As a member, you are always welcome to join anywhere, and to ask a question and to share your experience to help someone else.
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