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voice hoarseness

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My voice went hoarse all of a sudden about 1 1/2 months ago. I finally saw a dr. and I was diagnosed with vocal chord paralysis and dysphonia. I'm looking for some information or guidance on this. Can Mayo Clinic guide me to the correct area I should be talking to so I can ask some questions? I appreciate any help. Thanks (background:I had a surgery 13 years ago and the anesthesiologist damaged my vocals, but I was still able to talk…lost some of my voice but not all>..now its pretty much gone…hoarse or no voice)

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@camaroyo, There is another discussion where you can meet other members who have similar symptoms and posted about dysphonia and vocal cord paralysis.

– Voice Loss: I've have had no voice for almost 3 Years: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/voice-loss-for-almost-3-years/

Hello @camaroyo,

As someone with a paralyzed vocal cord, I can certainly understand your concern about losing your voice. I understand how difficult it is to communicate with the raspiness and the weakness of voice. I encourage you to look at the link that @johnbishop suggested.

Have you looked into treatments for a paralyzed vocal cord? They are available. You will want to consult with an otolaryngologist who is an ENT but who is specifically trained in vocal cord treatment. I had surgery at Clevland Clinic about six years ago. A Silastic implant was put into the paralyzed vocal cord which helped it to close up with the healthy cord. This procedure provided me with a better voice volume. I also have less fatigue as I'm not using all my energy to make words come out.

Before this procedure, I had problems swallowing and also choking. Do you have swallowing or choking problems as well?