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Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome

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Hello @chris77 and welcome to Mayo Connect. As you know, Mayo Connect cannot offer medical advice as we are not medical professionals. We are patients, like yourself, who give and receive support and encouragement.

This problem with breathing and choking sounds very uncomfortable, I'm so sorry that you are experiencing this. I have some swallowing issues that can cause a choking sensation and breathing/speech problems so I do understand just a little of the panic that you must feel when this occurs.

Just to help understand this problem a bit better and see if I can connect you with others with a similar situation, could you tell me if you have any swallowing or speech problems? What type of specialists have you seen? Have you ever seen a Gastroenterologist for an EGD?

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I have difficulty swallowing now but initially it was just my breathing,like I could no longer feel the sense of fresh air(inhalation).but over a period of time it got worse.Now I can’t eat Nuts or certain meals unless I chew them to very liquid form and when it does go through It doesn’t digest properly.Most times I can’t tell if it’s the Excess air or food That goes through a wrong channel and gets stucked inbetween my chest and the pressure from it strains my back a lot.
My speech is Still normal in tone but no longer strong.When I try to sing a pitch my voice drops almost immediately and gets shakky.it actually got worse after I was put on a nebulizer and i felt a strong crack which made me wobble for long.i can’t talk for too long else I will feel very tired.
Am currently seeing an Ent doctor but nothing much is changing.over two years now.sory about your swallowing I hope you get better soonest.

I also met an Ent professor(a Surgeon)but he advised I go for Surgery.He said that way he can physically ascertain what my situation is like Since the scan showed nothing significant