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Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome

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I was diagnosed with possible empty nose syndrome, please, please please, I need help for the condition worsens with severe dryness burning stinging in ears throat chest , can’t breath fully because it causes unbearable inhuman symptoms. Dizziness and lethargy, inflammation non stop, thickening of mucosa is also present . I beg, for the sake of my daughter and family, help me . Thank you sooo much !

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I also have information in left ear more than right, and besides the surgery I had left occipital nerve blocks and PRP in same places . A doctor with a compassionate heart might be able to help. Where there is a will there is a way . Thank you !

Hi, @marinelastef – the severe dryness, burning, stinging in your ears, throat and chest, plus difficulty breathing, dizziness and lethargy sound very challenging. I've moved your posts here so that you can connect with others who have been there.

Hoping others like @nrd1 @healthiswealth1 @joannemaisey @ashleyhall @jrsigurl will return to this discussion and share what has helped them with their potential or confirmed empty nose syndrome. @lioness @jenniferhunter and @sirgalahad also may have some input.

Is there anything you've found so far that brings any relief to these symptoms, marinelastef? Are you planning to get another opinion from another physician on your condition?

You might want to check out the following website: http://buteykoclinic.com/ for your breathing. It offered some help for me. Also: https://youtu.be/FtMLN9i9cdE. Above all keep your nose moisturized with saline spray or Ayr saline gel. Nasal rinses also help. By the way, how can a doctor do this to us? Surely they know the functions of the nasal turbinates. Unbelievable. P.S. I apply the saline gel to inside of my nose at night with a Q-tip. It helps. Good luck…Jim s

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