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Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome

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From Wikipedia, “In some people, surgery to restore missing or reduced turbinates may be beneficial. … About 21% of the people had no or marginal improvement but the rest reported significant relief of their symptoms. Since none of the studies used placebo or blinding there may be a strong placebo effect or bias in reporting.”
A patient suffering from Empty Nose Syndrome might consult the nearest ENT surgeon and get a recommendation for a specialist who performs turbinate reconstruction surgery — such specialists seem to be few in number so that there might be considerable difficulty in having the turbinate reconstruction performed.

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@davidwhitehurstbrown Thank you for posting this information. Was just diagnosed with ENS 2 months ago after moved to Northern Utah from West Texas. The dryer climate caused me to seek out an ENT. Thought my chronic sinusitis was returning. Have had 5 endoscopic sinus surgeries. Cat scan showed ENS. Older ENT said it was the most severe case he had seen. Great! Now I constantly have drainage in my throat, feel nauseous.
Caught a cold yesterday & my frontal sinuses are very painful. Icing my face to help with pain.
The ENT did not offer any soulutions besides returning in a year for allergy tests. Shots could help with the ENS side effects. I have other health issues, so this is just another one to deal with.
Luckily I have a great Husband, Daughter & family. It is hard sometimes tho.
@joannemaisey, @colleenyoung @bellatrac
Interested in discussing symptoms further with anyone who had posted here. Hope you don’t mind that I tagged you. No worries if you if you do not want to respond. Thanks

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