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Shingles on face and in eye

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Hi Nancy

My name is Jennifer.

In November 2010 I had a double bone fusion of the L5, S1 with a removal of the L5 disk. About a month later I developed a small purple rash on my buttocks of all places but it was right at the end of the root tip from my incision. I called my family doctor and he put me on Fanviar which is treated for herpes virus and on top of the pain mess and this I was able to recover.

The pain was in my back and into my bottom and legs, which caused sitting a painful task.
I'm better now, I may have a small scar from it but honestly I lucked out that it didn't spread to my face and-or other parts of my body.

Good luck to you and I hope you get well soib.


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Jen, I am writing because my most recent EMG showed a real problem at L5>S1. What does that mean? Thanks i am looking forward to your reply. Ric

It could be a lot of things but I think the EMG is a nerve test. I have degeneration in the disk and had the L5 removed because it was crumbled. Have they talked about doing surgery? I had a "T" lift done and they went through the back. My doctor was going to do a "P"lift but that would have meant going through the front and a Cardiovascular surgeon would of had to be there and it was too much for me so I chose to go through the back.
I don't know if that helped but I would definitely look for a good repertable Neurosurgeon to do it. Its a very labor intensive and intricate procedure. I wish you the best of luck.