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Essential Tremors

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I have been diagnosed with benign essential tremors. I head shakes as though I 'm shaking my head no. Some days it's not bad; however, on some I can feel it. It was brought to my attention about 4 years ago. After that, family members began to tell me how they had noticed it.

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Thank you Linda for your reply. How were you diagnosed with it? What kind of testing was done? The same here for me, my family has brought it to my attention.

I went to a Neurologist and they did not run test other than the: hold your hands out, turn your head left, right, stay focused on object, etc., One doctor started me on primidone. The side effects were awful. I was vomiting uncontrollably and ended up in the emergency room after the second day. I changed doctors and the one I have gone to for the last 3 years told me to drink wine. At first he recommended red wine; however, I changed to white. If I'm having a 'bad' day, it helps. I take 6 oz. once a day and take about 4 days out of the week. I wish I didn't have this but there's not a cure at this time. My primary care physician is going to try something natural and new. The John Hopkins Uni. has been experimenting on the essential tremors. I'll let you know once I start (product) and then continue to update if I can tell a difference. I get embarrassed at times. We own a furniture store in WV, so I'm around the public a lot. Then to church on Sundays. So, seven days a week I feel awkward when it's a 'bad' day.

I have not been diagnosed yet but im sure thats what it is. I dont have any other symptoms. I am 46 years old a grandmother of 3 beautiful grandchildren and married for 30 years. I understand exactly how you feel. I get embarrassed all the time.When I see someone looking at me I wonder if I am having a tremor. It hasnt stop me from living a full life but it is hard sometimes to deal with because I dont feel like anything is wrong, but when people notice it I feel so uncomfortable. Thank you again Linda for sharing with me. You are a blessing to me. I pray that everything works out for you. Please keep me up dated.

You are welcome! And I will update as soon as I find out anything.

I have the same thing. It's called Spasmodic Torticollis and my neck turned Left and Retro. The pain was awful and I had tremors and lots of pain. It's a movement disorder that originates in the basal ganglia of the brain. Many times it's inherited, trauma, or psychotropic drugs canl cause it.

Linda, get yourself to a Movement Disorder, Neurologist. Not just any ole neurologist - Movement Disorder - ONLY! Many doctors don't know about tremors, Spasmodic Torticollis, Essential Tremor, Blephospasms, and many other movement disorders! Some doctors will even call you mentally ill. Don't get me started on doctors. When you get the right Movement Disorder Neurologist, they may do an EMG, check your walk, do neuro checks, and Klonopin works for me. It helps with the Spasms, tremors, pain, pulling and HELL! There is also surgery. I had Selective Denervation and it's helped a lot.

Thanks for replying with your advice. My neurologist already knows about the tremors and my gait with my balance. I already take Klonopin. I don't want to make changes to my meds. I've had testing. My seizures are being controlled with the meds and surgery. I'm also sick as hell with hospitals and testing. I do hand and finger exercises to make them stronger. It's also hereditary. What's an EMG? Until it gets worse I'm not doing anything. I'm almost 43. I'll keep your advice in mind. Thank you for your time

Hello @12271997 and welcome to Mayo Connect. I appreciate your posting.

You asked about an EMG and I found a link to Mayo's website, https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/emg/about/pac-20393913.
As a Parkinson's patient I have had several of these.

If you have any specific questions about the EMG, please ask. There are probably many of us that answer your questions.

I look forward to hearing from you again!


An EMG machine measures your nerve conduction. My electrical activity of the neck is LOUD! THE EMG is Very Loud, and I have so much electrical activity in my neck, I can light up New York City. Don't use a neurologist who does not perform an EMG! That is of utmost importance. Plus many neurologist still say we are CRAZY, and that's at Emory in Atlanta. Many neurologist don't care, are lazy and treat us like lab rats. I will not permit them to treat me in that manner. They should be fired.

"Essential" tremors is a cop out diagnosis. This is an older belief that just because of age people get tremors. We now know that while some people may get tremors there is an underlying condition that causes the tremors. There is no guarantee ("essential") that someone will develop tremors with age.

If you really want to discover the actual cause of your tremors go to a good neurologist that is willing to take the time to perform the necessary tests to determine the actual cause of the tremors. If you are lucky it is treatable in your case. If not treatable, then you will actually have a good name for your condition rather than "Essential" anything.

On a quick side note, "Essential" anything is an old statement. Doctors used to say "Essential Hypertension" which is now considered silly since being older does not cause the HPT.