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Newly diagnosed with Macular Degeneration

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Hi, I had a retinal detachment in the mid 1980s and cataracts surgery in both eyes in 2009. I was told that Macular Degeneration (MD) would be more likely to happen in my case. Four years ago I was diagnosed with MD. I was put on eye vitamins and told to eat a diet rich in greens like kale and spinach. Because of the vitamins (Preservision) and my strict regime of eating healthy eye vitamin foods like kale, salmon etc. my MD has been stable since the initial diagnosis. I strongly recommend the diet and vitamins. My right eye is the one that had the retinal detachment and, without corrective lenses, lines are wavy and vision is dulled. I wear glasses only for distance and readers for close up. I don’t drive at night anymore. My eyeglass RX has not changed in 3 years and the Optometrist said the vision has actually improved. Both my eye Surgeon and Optometrist tell me to keep doing what I am doing and, so far, my appointments are yearly. You are what you eat is my favorite saying. Regards and good luck

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@imallears When I read this I thought you sound like me except for the retina detachment In ,2009 I had cataract in both eyes removed lens put in 2016 Dr found M.D. put me on Perservision with vit.min. I go once a year for eye picture so far so good I do have drops at night for glucoma

Hi, I finally met someone who has retinal detachment. My eye was saved from blindness with a scleral buckle. I have only one good eye. The impaired one also has blurry vision (not sharp).