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Newly diagnosed with Macular Degeneration

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Don't despair, there are many ways to understand what's happening. Once you know you can handle anything. Please feel free to take a look at my website - http://www.maculardegenerationandme.com - it's all about my journey with mac degen and the things I've learned along the way. And as far as eating, you must. It's important. There is a ton of info out there are the types of foods that may possibly help and besides are good for you. Low Vision, High Hope

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Thanks for you web sight. I am terrifed of what the future holds. I already have Cerebral Plasy, I am a teacher and very independent. I have alway prided myself on this independence . Now I feel my life is going to be over. can you see anything? do you still watch tv, or go to movies? What do you do for fun?

Tracey - I do everything - I can see, mostly. I can read, I watch TV, I go to the movies, I write my blogs and swim and whatever I want. My left eye is blurred and my depth perception sucks and my contrast isn't very good but there are so many ways to train yourself around these things. I did occupational therapy for Eccentric Viewing Technique which teaches you to use your peripheral vision. Ask your ophthalmologist for a referral. That will give you more independence for sure. The OT's teaching this are wonderful and will give you so many resources. They teach safety and household care.
As people become more familiar with mac degen I see many scary reports but many of them don't tell the whole story and that annoys me. In fact it makes me rally angry. New post coming on my blog this week.
Educate yourself, that's what helped me get the best perspective. Get someone in your family or a friend to go with you to the drs. Record everything, and ask questions, ask questions, and then ask more. Dr doesn't like it, find new one.
Do you like to dance? Take Zumba lessons, or something similar. It will make you feel
great and is good for balance too. Every morning, center yourself, smile, laugh and have fun. You can do it.!!

Thank you sooooo much. I really feel like my life is going to end. Talking to you gives me hope. Thank you again for your support. It really means more then you know!!!!

Tracey - I've been thinking good thoughts for you. One thing I think would give you back a feeling of independence would be to work with a low vision occupational therapist. That person is highly trained in helping people with activities of daily living and also safety, giving you back control. Your ophthalmologist can give you a referral. Please look into that. If you need some help finding one, let me know. You can also look at my http://www.maculardegenerationandme.com articles in the next few days for some other ideas. Try to turn your negative thoughts into positive or at least neutral. All this stress doesn't do your eyes any good.

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