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Livedoid vasculopathy

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Hi Spence I take it you have Livedoid Vasculopathy/Vasculitis? Do you
recall the name of the disorder your Dr was testing for or the name of the
test? Thank you.

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I'm wondering if this thread or another is still active. I've been checking on Mayo sites, but have found nothing. Thank you.

Are Livedoid Vasculopathy and Vasculitis the same? I was diagnosed with LV after 7 years of not knowing what was happening to me…skin grafts that didn't take, stripped veins and so many Drs. all saying it was not vascular…until one day 7/8yrs ago and after 2 years of serious ulceration and excruciating pain I begged to see a surgeon. Not sure why, but that surgeon is the one who said "I think you have been mis-diagnosed" and he did a live biopsy and sent it right here to the Mayo Clinic. It came back positive for LV and I was put on Trental immediately and within 6 months was back in remission. ( Both feet- one on the top of my foot and both ankles on the other) I have had several flare ups and currently in another very painful bout which has so far been 11 months and both feet again. I live in Canada and my Dr. says the only medication they can give me and the best one is Trental. I have been at this for over 15 years now and even knowing what is happening and what to expect I think the pain is wearing me down after 11 months. It is a lonely fight as it is rare so I am happy to have this connection and will check out the other you mentioned. Thank you so much angelasmom for helping so many out.

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