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Livedoid vasculopathy

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Hi, I suppose I’m blessed I was diagnosed with LV a little over two years ago. Because of a very good podiatrist. I have since undergone a venous oblation on my left leg , I have been in compression stockings ( waist-high) ever since. Unfortunately my body nullified the surgery and my left leg is worse now. My right which had ulcers and is scarred up hasn’t broken open again but…well you know how that goes. Whenever it gets hot the ulcers reappear. 🙁 but it could be worse. On the bright side my feet are somewhat famous being in medical journals for being a classic example of LV. I already had gout before this started and have mobility problems because of that. It was so good to find this forum. 🙂 having a sympathetic easr is important.

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Hi Spence I am sorry for your continuing ulcer problems and wish you some relief. Venous insufficiency for which you probably had your surgery is a contributing cause for LV but not the only 1. What meds do you take to stop the blood clots? Are you treated at Mayo?

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