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I know for sure he wasn’t sexually abused from 2003 to present. But I guess I don’t know for sure prior to that although I doubt it.

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@worriedmom Hi there. I am responding to you and your situation as well as your son. Not knowing what to do and see your son suffer is a feeling I know well. My daughter went through a lot of self-destructive behavior. She seemed to insist on her feelings that were deep and desperate. I was desperate. We saw psychs, psychologists, 3 treatment centers. She was pretty much asked to leave the centers. I couldn’t take her anger anymore. She went to a halfway house. That’s where she met her husband (now married 17 years). Obviously this is a very truncated history.

Do I have guilt worrying that I contributed to her probs? Definitely. Did her dad and step mom? Yup. Her stepfather? Yup. The thing that did the most for her was time. The love you have to give is what he needs most.

Believe me, I feel your suffering. Take care of yourself and just keep being his mom and doing what is in your heart ❤️

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