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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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Thank you @ken82 — at first I wasn’t going to get the domperidone because it wasn’t FDA approved. But my gastroenterologist wanted me to try it to see if it would help move things along out of my stomach — he didn’t want another monster to form in my belly. (I hate the B word so I call it the monster in my belly!)

My prescription was to take 4 a day but I only take it twice a day — morning and night — because that’s the only time I can remember to take meds! And it has worked very well for me. According to my gastroenterologist it is considered safe in countries all over the world — and is even an over the counter med in many countries.

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@pdilly Glad you are doing well. I tried Domperidone for a short time. I had a lot of side effects.. which I don't remember what they were now and it did not help. I got it from my local compounding pharmacy. It is probably cheaper getting it from Canada. I cannot remember the cost either. Many think it is illegal in USA.. just not approved.

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