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Hello, I was sent a link to this thread, in a reply to another thread on undiagnosed autoimmune disorders. Until today, I’ve never heard of SPS, but so many of my symptoms are stop on with what’s been mentioned above. When I Googled for SPS, the site I found said muscle spasms (some bad enough to break bones) are a primary symptom. I definitely don’t have that, other than some muscle twitching every few days. If any of the previous posters happen to read this, will yo please tell me if you or your loved one with SPS has this type of muscle spasms. Without that element, I have the chronic daily pain, balance and anzxiety issues, etc, that I’ve read above. Thank you. Bryan.

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Hi there Bryan-
I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. SPS is a member of the GAD65 antibody autoimmune disorders.(SPS, Myesthinia Gravis, Sjogren's, CIDP, etc…) Many of these disorders have overlapping symptoms. You also may have more than one disorder. There are tests to figure out which one you have and treatment is different for each. From the sounds of it, you have an autoimmune issue that involves your central nervous system. You need to find an auto immune Neurologist . These will generally be at the major University Hospitals. They will be able to determine what issue you have and treat you for it. I wish you the best!

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