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Suffering now for 7+years. 2012 DX with Fibromyalgia. Misdiagnosed with MS 2018. 2019 Positive Gluten Intolerance, Small Fiber Neuropathy and now Stiff Person Syndrome. Ivig treatments for past 6+months with minimal affect. Neurologist referred me to Hemotologist/Oncologist due to very high GAD-65. Hemotologist/Oncologist recommended whole body pet scan. Now pending insurance for over 2 weeks. Just received call from Hemotologist/Oncologist stating SPS is Neurological and can't understand why my Neurologist referred me to him. He told me he will get in touch with my Neurologist to find out what prompted him to refer me. This was same discussion over 2wks ago in his office. I honestly feel I'm in the twilight zone. I do realize SPS is extremely rare, but can't one of my doctor's atleast point me in the right direction? Any recommendations on who or where to go for this would be appreciated.

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Hi, @njgenevieve – I'm sorry you feel you're in the twilight zone and you're experiencing some bouncing from one specialist to another. Hoping that one of your doctors can indeed point you in the right direction.

Some of the other members in this discussion may have some ideas on to whom or to where to go now with your stiff person syndrome treatment, like @suzanneleafbrock @msdee @nutmeg @maritakelly @pollyanna777 @ndville and others.

Have you had the chance to follow up with the hematologist/oncologist?

Hi, @njgenevieve – just wanted to touch base and see how things are going with the stiff person syndrome and also with your doctor visits? Was it determined which specialist was best to care for you?

Sometimes, rarely, SPS is triggered by tumors that is why the neurologist refered you to a cancer specialist. If the tumor was taken care of, then SPS would likely go away.

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