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Last night I drank my 20 ml of Mylanta before bed, laid down, was ok for about 10 minutes, then felt my stomach or diaphragm or hiatus hernia coming up in the top of
My upper abdomen…a very hollow knotty feeling…and then the skips, flips , PVCs etc…..right side, flat on back, left side no help…finally got up, belching, forcing a belch, some immediate relief of the knotty sensation, anxiety and anger mounting, it’s 4:15 in the morning…..finally took an extra half of Klonopin and managed to get some broken sleep…….maybe, I should try taking my Aciphex only once a day…….I know this is a common miserable condition, but brother, it’s a real drag…..it’s like I dread going to bed at night….

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@robbie1956 Hi i was just thinking have you tried sleeping with your head raised up a bit? When i was having gi issues i noticed when I was at the Hospital and could raise the head of the bed my reflux was better. Just a thought and i can relate to that feeling of not wanting to sleep due to PVCs. It always seemed my heart would act up at night while lying down. But it always seemed better when at the hospital. Also i do know that sleep apnea can stress the Heart when sleeping and will not help with PVCs and heart rhythm. Something to maybe ask about.


Thanks for your reply….and yes, I sleep with three pillows…my head gets propped, but sometimes it just seems to do whatever it does….I’ve been through a sleep study and they said I have a slight case of sleep apnea….sometimes I wake up sort of startled as though I’d been holding my breath…then I find myself getting a slight anxiety attack..all of this does not help with the Ectopics….but, I like many others and yourself, just keep on…BTW, I’ve saved many good comforting articles on the Ectopic/GI/Vagus nerve irritation connection…Thanks for your information…..and you’re right, the conditions seems to like to come on at the late hour and when I sit a certain way…or lie down to go to sleep…..

When I was first diagnosed with PVC's at the ER, they told me that if I ever have an attack where they don't quit, I 'must' go to the ER asap.(no driving myself)

@saleha59 hi, and thanks for the reply…sometimes the ER folks can be blunt….did they do anything for the PVCs or determine if there was an underlying condition that might be causing them? I feel for you…I would certainly get in touch with my Cardiologist and have him/her give you a checkup and let them perhaps give you a Med or whatever they feel will alleviate the symptoms….I get them all the time, well, they come and go….but check in with your PCP or a Cardiologist for some peace of mind…I had several episodes last night….these can be very scary…but by my EP, 3 Cardiologists, PCPs, mine seem to be of a benign nature……if you look on YouTube, you’ll find many comforting and interesting videos by York Cardiology concerning Ectopic beats …good luck…

Robbie- when I was at the ER the first time, they could not get my PVCs to stop until they doubled my high blood pressure pill. I used to take 100MGs. of metoprolol. But they doubled the dose to 200mgs. and I rarely get the now. Maybe a couple here and there, but not like before at all. I do not have a cardiologist.

I too had afib and aarythms after my total heart block.this went on mostly after midnight. I.did some research and found that there were triggers that set them off. Alcohol( in any form) set mine off- no more glass of wine before dinner. Caffine also-now decafinated coffee (no tea, many softdrinks – only water. Also stress, or overwork to get tired .many changes to lifestyle. But now pacemaker tells me , only 7 tenths of one percent of the time and very short

Just an update on a previous topic 🙁
my discomfort late at night from posture or digestion, seems to start up what sometimes feels like Esophageal Spasms in the pit of the stomach…and yet, I can feel a run of Ventricular beats….very scary….I’m on my regular meds, but I will say that if I take an extra strength 15ml dose of Mylanta before retiring for the night, it’s REALLY does seem to help…..with the GERD symptoms as well as the palpitations Or Esophageal Spasms as one ER doctor suggested I was feeling…..I hope this information is helpful to someone……Thanks and Merry Christmas 🎄 to all……