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@australia, I am a liver and kidney transplant, and I want to extend a sincere Welcome to you. I am a volunteer mentor, and I want to share this discussion. The conversation is not limited to liver transplants, and there are some infromative links included.

Groups>Transplants>Does age matter for liver transplant evaluation?
I also invite you to scroll thru – there are many discussions available where you can read, ask questions, or make a comment.
I look forward to meeting you there.

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Hello to all of you Connectors from Florida. I imagine that many of us are isolating as much as possible and hungry for contact with other warm and alive human beings. I am a liver transplant who received my gift of life in November 2018, one month after my 74th birthday. When I started the journey at Mayo Jacksonville, I never thought I would be eligible at my advanced age. My message to the more mature candidate is don't assume anything. You could be as astounded as I was when you wake up with a new (to you) beautiful organ that works. Obviously, with age, come some complicating factors for some, obstacles that may or may not, be overcome. Never lose hope. I am a testimony to the fact that age does not necessarily rule out a transplant.

@rosemarya Last year a friend of mine from the kidney disease support group I was attending, an elder of age 75, received a live donor kidney from a person who was 68 yrs young. Both are doing very well. Age is arbitrary. Excellent health is a must for transplant.

Thank you Rosemary. Good to hear from those who have transplant experience as doctors don't like to tell you "much" before hand so as not to scare you I suppose. All my organ removals or damage could have been easier for me if they talked in more technical terms. instead of "kindergarten med talk". Georgia -American in Australia.

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