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Like the transplant graph. I am 85 but still drive, active, tutor in bio tech and physics and am definitely hope to be a kidney transplant candidate. American in Australia.

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@australia, I am a liver and kidney transplant, and I want to extend a sincere Welcome to you. I am a volunteer mentor, and I want to share this discussion. The conversation is not limited to liver transplants, and there are some infromative links included.

Groups>Transplants>Does age matter for liver transplant evaluation?
I also invite you to scroll thru – there are many discussions available where you can read, ask questions, or make a comment.
I look forward to meeting you there.

@australia, Connect has recently introduced a Group named – Aging Well.
I have a strong hunch that you have some terrific tips that have allowed you top remain active and involved in life.
This one looks like a good place to begin.
Remaining independent: Tips & tricks for creating good habits
I hope you will make yourself at home and join in the conversation.

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