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Loved reading about you and your very interesting life.. Your quilts are gorgeous! I was drawn in to the quilting hobby by a wonderful friend a few years ago, and made numerous queen size ones as gifts before I started making doll size quilts.. Then my friend, who was in her 90's at the time, began making doll quilt tops and I quilted them for her (by machine!).. She sold them for a time on Etsy.. I have several that she made for me as gifts and treasure them now that's she's gone on.. Now that I spend most of my life with my feet propped up I don't quilt anymore, altho I miss it so much! But my life is full and busy.. My husband has provided me with so many electronic avenues of entertainment, so I'm in contact with many folks online, cellphone, videos, nature cams (presently watching a mother Robin who is nesting 4 tiny blue eggs in our breezeway!)… Since I can't get out much, he's brought so much inside to me! 45 years together and counting… He's wonderful and I love him so very much… Uh oh… This comment was suppose to be about you!! Thank you for being on MayoConnect and I will be following your posts from now on… Thank you!

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Nice reading about you. Thank you for all your help and advice.
Quilting, really? I saw a quilt some ladies made of my favorite mountain (MtShasta) it was being raffled off. I wanted it so bad. I bought 100 tickets, it was so gorgeous. I was so disappointed. One of the ladies offered to make me one but it never happened. Looks like I went off subject too.

@hotfooted Thank you for your nice comments about my quilts! I do small wall quilts. I’ve never gotten up the nerve to do queen size like you. Wow! For years I made twin bed size ones for Quilts of Valor, but stopped when I became ill. I love how you and your friend teamed up to make quilts—very special.
I love your positive outlook! The love between you and your husband is very evident in your comments—you’re both very lucky.

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