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@jfperrone– Good morning. There are several new inhalers with the term Elipta. I use Trelegy Ellipta (fluticasone, umeclidinium, and vilanterol), which is used to treat COPD. It has made a huge difference in my breathing.

I scanned your profile but didn't see that you used inhalers. Do you also have asthma? The link below will explain all of the new inhalers.
Why do you need an inhaler?

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Based on previous tests my Doctor said I had COPD. In a phone visit I told him I had some wheezing; he prescribed Anora, to be taken for a month. I guess as a test? Anyway the results were not good, quite the opposite. I developed a deep cough; and a lot of choking mucus all of which seemed to gradually disappear once I stopped. Also my breathing became more labored (short of breath)when I exerted myself. I have not had the opportunity to report back to the Doctor yet.

I have severe COPD and Alpha 1 (MZ). I use nebulizer because I believe they work better AND covered under part B, so with my supplement out of pocket is ZERO. I use BRAVANA, DUONEB, BUDESINIDE, AND ALBUTERAL as rescue inhaler.

I just quit Trelegy because I lost my voice and had lots of chronic pain in the lower spine
area. Haven't talked to doctor about this—-second dau= My voice is almost normal, lower back pain is way less.
Is Trelegy doing this to me?????????