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Scab inside of left nose not healing

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@ofbushido Either doctor should be able to make a good diagnosis. The ENT, since it’s their speciality area would certainly know if this looks normal or not. But I think a physical exam is in order.
When the ENT gave you the recommendation to use the saline gel, did they feel this was an infection or just a dry area? Was this after your GP gave you the antibiotics for what he thought was an infection?
You could reach out to the ENT clinic again and get in to see a doctor there. You may not need a referral since you’ve already been in contact with them.

A dermatologist would also be a good option as this is a lesion on the skin and that’s their purview. You could ask your doctor which is the best option for the situation. But then you make the decision and be direct if you feel you’re not being taken seriously. You are concerned and this needs to be addressed. It’s been going on long enough. 😊

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@loribmt Thank you for the recommendation. I'll contact them on Monday.

To answer your question, at first, my regular doctor thought it was an infection upon examining my picture. He prescribed Mupirocin for twice a day for five days. He asked me to send him pics after five days. When I did, he forwarded those pics to the ENT, since the scab didn't cure all the way. The ENT ordered another five days of Mupirocin, but this time four times per day. He also said that after this treatment to aggressively use saline gel so that scab doesn't dry up.

I asked the ENT what the white patch was and he said it looks like scar tissue. I also asked him what he thought it was from and he said more than likely from dry air.

One thing that I forgot to mention that I'm not sure is important is that if you look into my right nose (the one that's fine) with the otoscope, you can barely get into it, because the mucous membrane is close to the septum. But the left nostril has significantly more space as you can see from the picture. I'm not sure if that space difference in each nostril is normal or caused by this issue.