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Scab inside of left nose not healing

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@ofbushido Hi and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We’re not medical professionals so we can’t diagnose conditions. But we can rely on our experiences to help out.
I can understand your concern. You’ve taken some impressive pictures of your nasal passage and the area that’s scabbed over. I just want to clarify that you were not actually seen by your doctor? You sent the photos and a diagnosis was made from the photos but not by physical exam?

If this were me, I’d be seeking a second opinion from a dermatologist. That area requires at least an actual physical exam of the lesion and possibly a biopsy just to make sure nothing else is going on. Considering it’s been winter, air is dry in the house, sometimes our mucosa does dry out and you can get a scab-like build up of dried mucous. But generally, it flakes off and heals over. You’ve done the right thing with applying the saline gel on a regular basis.

I think your next step would be to contact your physician to get a referral to a dermatologist. if for nothing else to ease your mind. In the meantime, you could try an over the counter nasal spray called X-lear. It contains Xylitol, promotes healing and does a good job of keeping the area moist and healthy. Good luck and let me know how your appointment goes! Lori

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Hi @loribmt , thank you for the quick response. Yes, you are correct, I emailed the pictures to my doctor who forwarded it to his ENT. I never got a physical exam. Your suggestion makes a lot of sense. I will make an appointment. So I should be making the appointment with a dermatologist and not an ENT? Thank you 🙂