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Does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

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Please excuse me for jumping into the middle of this conversation. I’m considering trying to use CBD for my chronic head pain. Problem I have is I don’t know where to start, where do I purchase this so I know it’s coming from a reputable place and is not a fake? How much to I use to start with? A few years my Mayo doctor thought it would be a good plan for me, that’s all the information I got from them.
Thanks to everyone for your information and suggestions.

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Welcome @bonnieh, you are not jumping in you are just joining us as we explore medical cannabis options and opportunities, Do you still see your Mayo doctor? Do you live in a marijuana legal state? In some states like Minnesota you must have a specific diagnosis and chronic pain is one. In other states you can just register with a dispensary. They often have pharmacists who specialize in helping you get started and monitor your experience,

In other states you are your own prescriber and must monitor your own experiences, Choosing medical cannabis doesn’t mean you are replacing prescribed medications,, You only need two products, topicals and tinctures, And you need to memorize this phrase….you can always have more, you cannot have less. Take it easy. Here is a good site to start,

If you would like to get started please let me know where you live and what you are now using for pain.

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering,

Google CBD types. to understand the differences between products.

I have the same questions. I'm in Wisconsin so experimenting in my own. So far. Delta 8 doesn't touch the pain and just gets me high (which freaked me out and I don't care for it). Tried sublingual CBD drops and nothing.

I get some pain reduction and mellow uplift from Hennepen's CBD capsules. They cost the earth, but they are worth it to me. Liquid hyaluronic acid (NOW brand
)and turmeric help my osteoarthritic pain.

Get a medical marijuana card and purchase from a reputable dispensary