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Newly diagnosed: IDC Tubular Carcinoma of the Breast

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Thank You so very much. I will be having a total removal of breast. I just read where you can not get tubes wet. The more I read the more I fear. Mine is invasive and I have too much to learn in such a short time. Will I be able to care for my self at home? etc. Big Hugs and God Bless you also

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Hi Linda – It is all a lot to take in at once, but please do not panic. I had 3 cancerous nodes and one eroded into the lymphatic system (invasive). It had partial mastectomy of that side (which was pretty much the whole breast as I was quite large breasted) and the other side was reduced while they were there. You will be able to take care of yourself at home. I stayed one night in the hospital and my hubby was with me there as the rooms in this hospital had a sleeping nook. I think about the first 2-3 days I was unable to "milk" the tub and drain the little bulb holder by myself as I was a bit sore, however, after that I was able to accomplish it on my own. Yes, you don't want to get the area wet, but you can use a washcloth to clean yourself. I have a hand-held shower head to wash me from the waste down and I washed my hair in the laundry room sink. You will want to keep track of the drainage from the tubes as the surgeon will decide then when the tubes come out, i.e. amount and clarity of fluid. Be sure to write down all your questions as you think of them so that you can ask the oncology surgeon and have a family member with you as well because what you forget, they will remember. Since yours is invasive, you may have extra radiation treatments – I had a total of 30. And if you were ER/PR positive and her2-neu negative, they will suggest you go on an aromatase inhibitor – those will be a whole lot of extra questions! In the meantime, and again, DO NOT PANIC. Take one day at a time. Following surgery what helped me was to count of 1 day at a time of my "tube time," i.e. 21, 20, 19, etc. You can do this…we all believe on you!

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