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Don't Know What to Do Next: COVID & Lung Conditions

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I think you and traded a few messages when I was dealing with debilitating mucous a few weeks ago (I was up all night, trying to breathe, crying, certain I was dying). I am better now (still have some mucous), but it is less and has become manageable. My pulmonologist did long and strong blast of Prednisone with a long taper (and that knocked a lot of the mucous out). Now he has me on a long, strong course of Doxycylene (and after two days I’m seeing more improvement). I’ve started taking 1200 mg of Mucinex 2x daily, plus NAC. Though I tested negative in late December, like you, I think I may have had Covid in Sept/Oct. When I think back, I felt terrible back then; soaking night sweats, chills, fatigue. Anyway, not sure of your resources or insurance, yet when I was in that really bad place … my next plan was to get myself to Nation Jewish in Denver, or to Mayo in Jacksonville (I could drive there in a few hours). Though I am doing better, those are still options if I slip back to that miserable place. Best wishes and keep us posted.

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Dear otter2154, so sorry to read of your suffering. Did you read Sue's information link she sent me? Here is the link she sent me, but it is for Indiana: https://www.survivorcorps.com/pccc-in.

Hopefully, the Survivors Corps has help for you in your state. Yes, Covid can pack a wallop even when it is "gone." Yeah, right. I had no idea that Covis can cause Emphysema! Wow. Well, I know now!

Right now I am hooked up to IV antibiotics in the hospital, so feel very fortunate. Am hoping this will wallup whatever it is…the E-coli, and the pneumonia. I took Doxycycline for months, and it kept the infection from killing me, but didn't wipe it out. A few days after i would quit taking it, the mucus would thicken to the point that nothing would get it to move. Then it would feel like trying to breathe through an ink-pen tube. Basically have been on several different antibiotics for one year.

Please find out about the tip Sue the Mentor gave. I pray you get better. Thank-you for caring about other people. That is why we were created!

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