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Don't Know What to Do Next: COVID & Lung Conditions

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If you fail to connect with your newest pulmonologist within the next few days, please consider contacting the nearest facility on the Covid survivors network of specialty providers. It looks like you need to be connected to someone who recognizes the after-effects of Covid-19 in the lungs. Here is the link to Indiana facilities: https://www.survivorcorps.com/pccc-in

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This is fantastic. Thank-you so much for the invaluable connections, as I had no idea such places existed. Tomorrow, I will definitely call. This evening, I went to STATCARE and the doctor on call gave me a steroid shot, with the promise that I will come to ER if my breathing does not improve, or the shot wears off and no better. It looks like a hospital stay may be in my near future. That is a good thing at this point, and I will call the numbers you gave me first thing to see how this can all be coordinated. You are a blessing to people. Thank-you a million times!

Dear Sue, Please accept my great thankfulness of giving me the Survivor Corps. access information. I called this morning and already have an appointment set up for June with a Pulmonologist that deals with Covid. Because I was not in ICU when I had Covid, I do not qualify for their program, but the Pulmonologist is the same. June is the earliest they could get me in, but am on a cancellation list. Time goes fast. Without your help, there would be NO appointment! As I write this, evening is setting in and I am in the hospital. The IV antibiotic hooked up is Levofloxacin, and feel very blessed to be here.

There is a view out my window of a beautiful farm pond, which reminds me of younger days with my dad. He is long passed, but we were the best fishing buddies! He was a career Marine, so we moved alot. One place we fished was off the old Oakland Bay bridge in California in the 1970s. He was a survivor of the Chosin" Reservoir in Korea, so I do feel very fortunate to even be alive! If he had not survived, I wouldn't be here. Well, the medication is making me get soppy, sorry! Thank-you again for the most beneficial information. You are no different than a lifeguard, nurse or doctor when it comes to saving lives. You save lives through your printed words. If only everyone were like you, the world would be so wonderful.

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