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Welcome to Connect, @bruges. Uterine clear-cell carcinoma is very rare. @kate123 has also posted on Connect about this rare type of cancer. And there are several members are discussing ovarian clear-cell carcinoma here:

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Bruges, while we wait for others to join the discussion, let's get to know more about you. When were you diagnosed? What treatments are you or have you had? How are you doing?

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Hello Colleen,
Three weeks ago I had a robotic laparoscopic Wertheim hysterectomy plus lymphadenectomy.
I had the surgery on my birthday so I called it my reboot day 🙂
also have antiphospholipid syndrome which luckily wasn’t an issue during the surgery.
The surgery went very well. Afterwards in the recovery however my body went into shock. It turned out I am allergic to any kind of painkiller apart from paracetamol.
Also severely allergic to anti-nausea meds.
The results from the removed lymph nodes showed no metastasis. The tumor itself was also confined to the inner lining of the uterus.
The oncology radiologist has now proposed 24 gy brachytherapy spread over three sessions, each two day apart.
I am very hesitant. Especially for the possible long term effects. I was wondering if you know other women who have had the 24 gy over three sessions?

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