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Hollow echo distortion in ear? Scared

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@lissas Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

It makes sense that you feel scared. It must be such an odd sensation and not knowing the cause has to further your anxiety and frustration.

I'm going to add you question to the Hearing Loss group.

In order for me to connect you with members that may be able to offer support, please allow me to ask you some clarifying question.

How old are you and how long ago did this start? Is this metallic sound constant or are there times you do not hear it?

You said that it developed after "noise damage." Would you tell me more about that?

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@lissas-this must be frustrating, as well as the fear around it, which brings more attention to it.

It is not a surprise the ENT has no clue. It’s more that if he/she can not see anything objectively, they are surgeons first and foremost, they will be of no help to your subjective sensations. This is just factual. They are not in the specialty of sensory processing.

A better route would be a Neurologist. Neurologists are equipped to discuss nerves. I am not sure what your noise injury was, but if the nerves were heightened during that stress, they can remain in that state causing an overactive state in the neuro and musculature. They play of each other. Tense nerves, tense muscles. The anxiety then brings more awareness to the situation. The Neuro can explain this and perhaps catch it early on to calm the sensitization.

40s. Blast noise caused symptoms over a year ago. Metallic echo is activated consistently by my own footsteps, tapping teeth, chewing, tapping head, male voices, bass sounds. Thank you for your help in finding answers.