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PV Itching Not After Bathing

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@claire39, thank you so much for your reply. I, too, have had some sort of dermatitis on my scalp for about 2 years. It itches, blisters, and flakes. I’ve lost count of the different hair products I’ve cycled through to try to figure out the culprit. I never thought to correlate it to blood. This is very helpful information. What is the lotion that you use on it?

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Good morning @trillium, @claire39. I just realized that I might have a solution for your scalp itch. My dermatologist diagnosed my 10 year battle with scalp itch as seborrheic dermatitis. It started behind my ears and was very yucky and annoying. She has develop a 3 day treatment program that combines shampoo changes with overnight application of fluocinonide twice a week. I did the process 2 times and that was 2 years ago. It is not 100% gone…vanished…….but it is close to at least 95%. I only use the topical every once in a while behind my right ear. That is also my main tinnitus ear.

I wish I could give you a gift of this treatment….it was my first “itch” relief introduction. Wish my hands responded to something or anything to help with the rest of my body.

May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.

Hello Trillium…..thank you for responding….your symptoms are exactly the same as mine. My doctor recommended a lotion called Taro-Mometasone and you need a prescription for it, she also told me to take an allergy pill when I need to and it also helps. I will check out Chris Trout's post as well. Hope this helps