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Low T-Cell - Bone Marrow Biopsy

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@mariabrat Oh my gosh, yes! Stay off the internet. It only serves to bring every imaginable disease or malady to the forefront, along with the horror stories. Speculation, especially when there’s no diagnosis is really pointless.

How do I cope with bad thoughts? I allow myself about 1 minute for a pity party and a good cry. I deal with anger the same way. Then I joke about pulling up my big girl panties and move on. In all honesty, the past 2 years I’d ask myself what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll either make it or I won’t. I’d have the same thoughts that you mentioned. That I’d miss so much because of being ill. I won’t be able to do ‘this’ or “that” and miss the summer or a wedding, etc. Or if I die my family will be so sad and that really bothered me. But I had long talks with my husband and daughter and we dealt with whatever happened day by day. Positivity remains crucial. Even if it means keeping my head in the sand, it works for me. ☺️ I use the same approach when having to wait for test results. I guess I just never let myself dwell on it by diversion and distraction.

I don’t actually have a favorite podcast. I’d always fall asleep listening to those or even my audio books!! LOL. During treatment I binged a lot on Netflix and Prime. Do you like self help books and mindfulness meditations? If so I can get you a list of titles and names. My daughter and another friend both listen extensively and have favorites who inspire or relax them. For me, I needed visual stimulus and mindless entertainment. Things that made me laugh. I stayed away from anything that brought tears or were too heavy. Light, airy, fluff. Makes me sound shallow, but that’s what I needed at the time. Anyway, it’s whatever works for you that’s important.
I’m sure there are others in this community who will pop up with some recommendations for you.

The two weeks will go by faster than you think. Do you enjoy walking outside? Do you have any hobbies?

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I definitely admire how you deal with it even though its really hard, at least your family is supporting and taking it day by day which is amazing. I think its a lot of discipline and learn to be truly in the present. The fear of missing out its the most difficult in the last 4 months but its also great to see who are your true friends. Have you heard about the documentary heal? I haven't watch it but it seems great. I think I am much like you, I need something light and distracting. I walk a lot which help, but with COVID I am also pretty much alone at home and go out for walks to have some interactions. Maybe I should try meditation? I'd be happy to give it a shot. I feel mostly alone since I am leaving abroad (so my parents and brother are far away) and I have a new partner since 7 months and therefore I am unsure if we are strong enough to go through this. I am scared that he will be leaving me if something bad happen after a while (again this is the fear of being alone or missing out).