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Low T-Cell - Bone Marrow Biopsy

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@mariabrat Yes indeed, every facet of my blood tests were setting off bells and whistles! LOL There was no doubt with my blood and my symptoms that I had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. If you click on my avatar you can see my initial posts so I won’t go into detail here.

Our blood is amazingly complex and testing it can reveal so much of what’s going on behind the scenes. You mentioned that your T-cell count is low. T-cells are white blood cells called lymphocytes which fight off diseases. They’re broken down into different types. One of those is the T-cells which respond to viral infections and boost immune function of other cells.

It’s more common to have low lymphocytes than high. It can simply indicate that you’re fighting off a viral infection. It can also be due to aging, immunodeficiency disorders, HIV-aids, genetic disorders, and yes, of course the nasty C word. Have you been had the flu or been tested for CMV or Epstein Barr Virus?

Here’s a link to a Q and A article from Mayo Clinic. The patient was a 16 year old girl but the question was regarding her low white blood count and gives a good explanation as to what it can mean.
Basically, it’s best not to speculate and to just wait and see what the results reveal. That waiting time is the worst though. We fill our heads with so much negative self-talk and stories. It’s draining and counter productive. Truly I can say this from experience. I learned early on not to fear the worst. I faced it head-on and failure was not an option. So whatever awaits, start taking charge now and find a positive place for your mind.

What’s your happy place?

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What you are saying is absolutely right, it feels very hard in practice. How do you cope with bad thoughts? Its constantly in my head. Im thinking “oh I wont be able to do that this summer since Im sick”. I truly have to stop googling has its not bringing anywhere. Do you have good podcast to recommend or movie? Also, thanks a lot for sharing the article and your story – Its really great.

I have been tested for CMV, Epstein Barr and many types of flus. I do not have any swollen lymph node (confirmed on MRI). I do remember that I never had really high lymphocytes in the last 4 years, I was always in the low minimum – Maybe its an immune deficiency? Its been going on since october (on and off) so its seems strange for a virus to last that long.