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I had cataracts removed which got rid of my high intraocular pressure so no more drops. You should go to the Ophthalmologist least once a year. Not all our problems have symptoms and by the time you go to the doctor your vision may be permanently Impaired.
change to the medication never been effective I’d ask your doctor to recommend you to a Comprehensive Epilepsy Center to see an Epileptologist for a video EEG.
Like you I am very hesitant of seizure surgery. Heard about to many negative outcomes.
It’s not the EEG that you should doubt as much as the person interpreting it. Misinterpretations happen FREQUENTLY. Have you ever asked your neurologist if he’s had additional training in EEG interpretation. Topamax or as many refer to it because of it's side effects Dopeamax has various ocular side effects.
My neurologist offered me this drug and I flatly refused to take it.
My retinal doctor, Ophthalmologist & Optomrtrist all recommend PreserVision Areds2. It's made by Bausch & Lomb.
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My friend suggested to start taking a supplement every day. I have a bottle of the Bausch and Lomb which I never finished but I am going to start again now. I figure if I start taking a supplement and have a good diet that might keep it from getting worse. I have already pretty much cut out processed foods in my diet which hasn't been easy as I now have a lot of food prep. I figured maybe it would help my seizures as you don't really know all the ingredients in what we buy. I think it has helped some but think that sleep is very important too for seizures as is watching your carbs.

As far as the EEG I think that in my case my last one was a false negative as I had 2 while I had an at-home EEG. I don't know if
they are very reliable. Had one several years ago at a hospital but that showed nothing as it was only 1 hour. You probably remember the days when they gave you a drug before the EEG but they no longer do that. I do know a neurologist who has the training in EEGs. The
only problem was she suggested laser surgery at our first meeting. Which I now know may not even help and is permanent.

Thanks for your response Jake.