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To stay on Eliquis or not

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Heart rate is not similar in any manner to sinus rhythm/electrocardiogram. It is important, certainly, but not the same.
Safe that sorry is a diversion from the point/reason for the prescribing and or taking the medication; it is a preventative needed due to history of the patient.
What has age got to do with it? The result of AFIB is clear, and the danger is as well. Many people with AFIB find it to be silent, and go in and out from time to time. (I started with AFIB in 2017 discover in a pre op exam.
Originally I was on Plavix due to a TIA, but was switched to Eliquis when I developed AFIB. More bruising, but no clots or stokes; think of the hidden advantage, you get the drug ahead of time to break up clots, hmmm. Don't out think you doctor.
If your doctor says take it, take it or change doctors.
Good luck, and make wise decisions, I think you will.

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Understand difference between rate and rhythm, when taking self administered ekg show "normal sinus rhythm". As I keep mentioning my only concern is that if you can not verify how, what why or when you are or are not having afib episodes how can you correctly administer the drug? My wife who is remission from non hodgkins lymphoma is not on some sort of maintenance level of chemo just in case there is a flair up. they actively monitor every 6 months with blood work and physical exam.

@spudmato. After my TIA last January, my cardiologist and my children convinced me to have a loop recorder implant to make sure I don't have afib, as many people have afib and not really feel it. So far so good. No afib noted. I was also put on Xeralto. Apart from some bleeding from my gum, which I have problem with before the Xeralto, I have not noticed any serious bruising. I've read that blood clotting is found in many covid patients so that's another reason I'm still on it.
I don't like taking meds, but don't want another TIA either. The next time I may not be so lucky as I did not suffer any damage from the last one. I just wish there's a generic soon. I can hardly afford it, yet I don't qualify for any kind of assistance either from xeralto or Medicare.