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To stay on Eliquis or not

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I was diagnosed with AFIB about 4 years ago. I then tried a couple of anti-arrhythmic medications which I could not tolerate, so my cardio sent me for an eval to an EP. The three of us decided an ablation was a viable alternative and 2 years ago this month, I had the ablation. I was put on Xarelto. About a year later, I began having an increase in PVC's and was put on a ZIO patch which caught a fairly long episode of AFIB.....which I did NOT feel. (This scared me as before the ablation, my AFIB was always noticeable) The fact that I did NOT feel the AFIB totally convinced me that I was going to stay on Xarelto for the rest of my life if that's what it took to protect me from having a stroke!
AFIB is NOT curable and for those of us who have undergone ablation understand that we may need more than ONE ablation to control the AFIB. Going off the blood thinner is a risk I am not willing to take. As "spudmato" VERY wisely said "THERE IS NO LOOKING BACK AFTER A STROKE FOR A SECOND CHANCE."

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Totally understand your descion to stay on the DOAC. You were able to discover by what ever means you used to validate actually afib episodes.
The concern I have is the method I use for monitoring is the Fitbit which in theory and advertising at least claims to monitor heart rate.

Short of having a never ending recording device inserted under my skin I and most other people have no way of knowing that they are having episodes of afib if they feel no sensation.

I gladly accept taking Eliquis the rest of my life if I can see the reason. But if I accepted the concept of better safe than sorry than PCP and cardiologist should and probably would start writing out scripts for DOAC to everyone over 70 - 75 but definitely feel that's not good or necessary.
Thank you for your input.