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To stay on Eliquis or not

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My doctor took me off Eliquis about 30 days after my ablation. I had a random attack about 12 months later, and he put me back on Eliquis for 60 days.

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In general the cardiologist’s decision regarding the maintaining of Eliquis is a conservative option and taking the history of the patient into consideration.
Risk reward. Often there is no looking back after a stroke for a second chance.
Please don’t assign side effect to this drug out of convenience.

My question to you if you wish to share is what transpired during that 60 day period and if you re currently back on Eliquis. I assume that the decision to go off Eliquis was made between you and the cardiologist.

I was diagnosed with AFIB about 4 years ago. I then tried a couple of anti-arrhythmic medications which I could not tolerate, so my cardio sent me for an eval to an EP. The three of us decided an ablation was a viable alternative and 2 years ago this month, I had the ablation. I was put on Xarelto. About a year later, I began having an increase in PVC's and was put on a ZIO patch which caught a fairly long episode of AFIB.....which I did NOT feel. (This scared me as before the ablation, my AFIB was always noticeable) The fact that I did NOT feel the AFIB totally convinced me that I was going to stay on Xarelto for the rest of my life if that's what it took to protect me from having a stroke!
AFIB is NOT curable and for those of us who have undergone ablation understand that we may need more than ONE ablation to control the AFIB. Going off the blood thinner is a risk I am not willing to take. As "spudmato" VERY wisely said "THERE IS NO LOOKING BACK AFTER A STROKE FOR A SECOND CHANCE."