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SSDI medical reviews after liver transplant

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That does help. Thank you . I think it’s good you are contesting that they said you weren’t disabled until day of surgery, because I’m guessing your medical records showed you had serious issues, enough to end your work, and that’s when they should have considered you disabled. It’s like they have it backwards. Mine was approved around September 2019 , as my medical records showed I was in no shape to get another job. I didn’t know about the 80 day period. I guess I was “ lucky” to have been laid off a few months earlier to get that clock going. I started receiving 6 months later, in March 2020. Then, they said the 12 month click started upon liver transplant, which was in June, not from first disability check. so, here it is March and I’m crossing my fingers that’s the cAse.

But you did answer another question. It v appears they were right on schedule ( though they were 6 months ahead for you, which is crazy) for medical review.

I figure I’ll need still a few
More months to her physically from surgery ( also fractured back ), so I was just curious about timing.

May I ask how old you are? I’ve head age is another criteria they use

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@mellow123 you asked how old I am. I am 51yrs old. I was 50 when I had my transplant. I have a hearing set for the end of this month for the onset date. My lawyer said he's pretty sure the judge will just approve it without a hearing, which would be really nice.