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I too have an abundant amount of medication. Every time I hear about a new vitamin or pill that would alleviate the pain, I cringe at the thought of adding to the pile.
I am thankful (but not wishing this on anyone) that there are others who can relate. I feel crazy. I question is this in my head? Is it real? No one else can see it, so I must be making it up for sympathy.
Knowing there are others out there that have the same pain does give me strength. Plus Mayo just accepted my referral. Hoping to get my Neuropathy at least to a tolerable state.

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Hi @jjheying I can understand how you feel about vitamins, supplements, and medication. It can be overwhelming and confusing to find what is best for you. I went through a similar path. Through trial error I tried some of the supplements other members suggested. I did not find any relief. What works for some may not work for others. I have learned to look up the food sources for the vitamins and supplements mentioned before doing a trial. I found those foods to be part of my diet so no wonder there was no difference. Before deciding to take anything, you should also consider the diet and lifestyle of the person recommending the vitamins, supplements, or medications. I have had neuropathy for 4 years now. It resulted from my last surgical repair of my AVM in my cerebellum. I do not take any medications. I was very active prior. What I found to work best for me is a diet low in carbohydrates and lots of exercise. I recently purchased a manual treadmill and will start this week. Because of my balance issues I am very limited with the exercise equipment I select. I hope this helps you to find your solution. Don’t be afraid to try the basics first. Toni