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@jjheying Hello, Jenn. My goodness, you and your body are at war. There are many folks on these Connect sites who truly understand your feelings, your symptoms and pains and questions. You are talking with folks who have been or are in your place, had your feelings, felt lost and alone. I'm one.

Have you had the opportunity to go to a major teaching hospital or university? A major medical center like Cleveland Clinic or Johns Hopkins or Mayo Clinic? Do you think it would help for you to have a comprehensive work-up with different specialists.....beginning with neurology and moving on where the testing guides you? I am one who lived for many years suffering with a bunch of crazy symptoms. I was a very confusing patient, which naturally made life quite difficult. For me and for the poor docs who were stumped by my complaints. I needed answers.

So, I eventually called Mayo Clinic and asked for help. My word! Have I gotten help. I've seen multiple doctors and you know, these wonderful docs and other medical folks are finding reasons for the issues with which I've lived all these years. Reasons, answers, diagnoses, and finally treatments that are helping me out of depression, relieving anxiety, getting me off medications that were causing some of the problems, finding solutions and meds/treatment/therapy that help relieve my personal hell.

Well, Jenn, that's a bit of my input. Any ideas?
Blessings to you on this journey. Many of us are walking with you, and determined to fight to be better, to understand and live in some peace with our bodies. Let me know what you think, ok?

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I would love to come to the Mayo Clinic but I live in Fairhope, Al and I can’t afford to come way down there.