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Bluetooth vs hearing aid

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The Plantronics is a Bluetooth device that is not a headset. It suspends from one ear and the receiver dips into the ear, similar to a hearing aid. Because it is Bluetooth, when one uses an iPhone, the hearing aid must be disconnected. The difference is remarkable. This has been mentioned on another forum as well. I have an online store and can hear my customers a lot better on the Plantronics. I don’t think it is poor adjustment by the audiologist. I was hoping that maybe the configuration of the Oticon would be different and more like the Plantronic. The ha works great in all other situations. It appears that the telecoil is used in large spaces.

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Correction: Plantronics is a Bluetooth headset without the brackets over the top of your head. It is not connected to the phone. Does that make sense? I guess that means that Resound cannot replicate that as a setting.

@kem Thanks for clarifying. That does make sense. The Plantronics device sounds impressive, especially since the phone could stream to both hearing aids and you're probably only listening with one ear using the Plantronics, correct? I'm assuming you have "Made for iPhone" models of Resounds. There should be ALMOST no reason that your Resounds could not be tweeked to match the performance of the Plantronic device. It's very possible that the frequency response of the hearing aid is not as good as the Plantronics. Most hearing aids only go up to about 8000 Hz, I think. In that case, I can understand why the Plantronic device is superior. Some speech sounds are higher than 8000 Hz. The problem is finding an audiologist that is willing to work with you. I'd appreciate if you could give me the model of that device so I could look up the specs.
Tony in Michigan

Thank you. Living well with hearing loss is a livelong learning experience if one wants to keep that word 'well' in the sentence. Both Oticon and ReSound are reputable manufacturers of hearing aids, but the battle between the big 6 will continue as each develops newer and better technology and options. But that darn telecoil that has been around since the 40s tops them all for convenience in many instances. I always say a hearing aid without a telecoil is like a car without air conditioning. You don't want or need it all the time, but when the time is right it's invaluable. 🙂