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Hi Ginger. While this research may be focused on donor hearts, please let's open up the discussion to anyone with a transplant or anyone waiting on the list and their feelings and thoughts about increased risk donor organs. We have all had the conversation at one time or another. Please feel free to share. Thanks, everyone!

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@estrada53 My husband was transplanted 10/1/16 with a new-to-him kidney, from a 36 yr old young man. Earlier that year, his transplant team had asked him if he would accept a high risk kidney, to which he said "no". His donor kidney was not high risk, but the surgeon did not see it until he was on the table and it arrived from its previous location [different facility].

Not long after that, our friend who was on peritoneal dialysis, had a medical emergency, was placed back on hemodialysis, and was very sick with sepsis. Two weeks later she was offered a high risk kidney, her surgeon gave her 4 hours to decide. When she asked what he might advise a family member in the same situation, he told her "go for it". He apparently had information that he couldn't divulge to her. She did accept that high risk gift and has been very healthy and happy.

Since I was in end stage liver disease I signed onto all levels of high risk donations. I knew death would be soon, so I figured why not. I was fortunate to have gone through the entire eligibility process, met with the Lahey transplant team, etc., and the risks and precautions were thoroughly presented. About a week later, I ended up in the local emergency room for a brain fog event, Lahey had me transported to their hospital for monitoring. On my way home with a friend I received “the call.” So, went right back! I was blessed with a healthy liver from a 69 year old male. It was not disclosed what he died from, but I was told during my evaluation that had there been concerns these would have been discussed.

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