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Got a surprise this evening. Had the "neuropathy" since 2016 and coping with it until a few months ago and I dont know if it is that which is getting worse or have something else as often through the week am getting, as I did this afternoon, sudden internal tremors or shaking or ? for houses, also like a heart beating in my spine, colon, arms, legs, and have been waiting to do a teleconference with a neurologist I saw years ago, but he is out of town and his office closed to covid…so its in 2 weeks.
TONIGHT had a sudden idea what is bringing on these hour or 2 or 3 of internal shaking that isn't painful but horrible on top of everything else, plus arms and legs have gone from tingling to painful and wooden like.. anyway, not explaining this very well: but I have had a tooth out and I have a sore tooth and last week realized it MIGHT be from the numbing agent.. Lidocaine and Epipherine… so extraction is on hold til I ask nurologist HOWEVER, I have also been using various over the counter COUGH AND SORE THROAT DROPS over the months as mouth sore from dental work.

Tonight for some reason I suddenly wondered if the LOZENGES I used today have side effects: THEY DO. I cannot believe it… I have used various types of lozenges on and off for years and more so recently, but perhaps now with neuropathy or ? am now getting a side effect and I could not believe some of the rare side effects even says check use with doctor or pharmacist if pregnant or breastfeeding: a cough drop??? if you check web site CEPACOL LOZENGES, or STREPSILS LOZENGES, or even DEQUADINS although Dequadins doesn't show as much.
I am in Canada so not sure if same brand in USA.. but I am surprised I was so naive to think they were almost like candy! Cepacol says on package honey and lemon antibacterial action (action?) and that its an Antiseptic throat lozenze…. my bad, I never read the wording on the box they are sold in.
*Even if someone does not have Neuropathy, if use for sore throat etc. may I suggest you read the warning on internet. … whew!!!! J. p.s. Is there a group which may talk about side effects of OTC meds, I can put on there too if you think would help anyone.

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Thank you for info on throat lozenges. Try plane old peppermint candy canes or honey. I am diabetic so I know you may have to be careful with sugar intake. I don’t know how to say this but I wish you healing.