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Thank you so much for your message of possibility and hope. Hearing a new diagnosis (3/4) is so scary. Hearing that it is still possible to live with kidney disease brings hope. My husband contracted Covid and was hospitalized (November) and everything since has been off the charts. Creatinine 2.6 and eGFR now 24 (labs fairly normal in April 2020). Awaiting biopsy results next week. I am sure many can identify with our anxiety wondering what is around the corner. I realize it is one day at a time, but if anyone out there can send along positive messages/stories to help us in these early days, it would be so much appreciated. We are doing everything we can re: diet modifications. Thank you.

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@alwayshope Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are patients, family members, and caregivers, and offer support, share our experiences to others on their journeys.

I have chronic kidney disease Stage 4, due to an ultrarare disease. Yes, people can indeed live with chronic diseases of all kinds. Your story is not the first one I have heard, where Covid-19 may have caused or compounded an existing health issue. Anxiety goes hand-in-hand with waiting for results, and restful sleep seems so elusive, doesn't it?

Remember that stress can play a big part in how you feel, too. Good for you in doing your diet modifications. Salt, potassium, phosphorus, calcium are all limited, ideally. Please come back and let us know what the biopsy results say. We are here to help support you and be a shoulder to lean on!