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I was diagnosed with ESRD nine years ago. My creatinine has been steadily between 3.5 and 4.5 for the past nine years. I have so far been able to avoid dialysis. I watch my diet very carefully. All the usual stuff: low protein, low potassium, low salt etc. I was taking a phosphorus binder initially but stopped that after my first year and that doesn't seem to be a problem. I fence competitively in national level tournaments so I do get a lot of exercise. I am 74 years old and have been very careful about COVID but finally will be able to get a vaccination in April. Vaccine appointments in New York City are hard to come by. I can't tell you exactly what I'm doing that has allowed me to avoid dialysis (likewise I've rejected transplant offers), but I can say that it can be done. Don't give up!

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Congratulations on your success in meeting your goal to stay off dialysis. I was extremely vigilant about my lifestyle choices and despite adhering to a nearly all vegetarian diet, exercising regularly and watching my labs I was powerless to change the course of my kidney disease. Through no fault of my own Polycystic Kidney Disease eventually overtook my kidney function, displaced nearly every major organ in my body and threatened to take my life. Your story certainly shows that a great deal can be achieved thought lifestyle choices but I imagine you'll agree not everyone's diseases will respond in the same way.
Again, congrats on your success!

Thank you so much for your message of possibility and hope. Hearing a new diagnosis (3/4) is so scary. Hearing that it is still possible to live with kidney disease brings hope. My husband contracted Covid and was hospitalized (November) and everything since has been off the charts. Creatinine 2.6 and eGFR now 24 (labs fairly normal in April 2020). Awaiting biopsy results next week. I am sure many can identify with our anxiety wondering what is around the corner. I realize it is one day at a time, but if anyone out there can send along positive messages/stories to help us in these early days, it would be so much appreciated. We are doing everything we can re: diet modifications. Thank you.