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@transplant2017 Well, that sounds like quite the experience! I will not pry but hope there was some kind of reckoning when the injury came to light. I hope the injury was not to both kidneys. To ease the burden on your kidneys, you may ask your team about switching to a kidney-friendly diet [low protein, low potassium, low phosphorus] now. Some people have been able to help reverse a downward trend in kidney function, this way. @kamama94 who posts in this group, did a lot of research on food plans for kidney patients. By modifying his food plan and lifestyle, my husband was able to ward off dialysis for 5 years, so I'll bet you can tackle this, too!

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I was diagnosed with ESRD nine years ago. My creatinine has been steadily between 3.5 and 4.5 for the past nine years. I have so far been able to avoid dialysis. I watch my diet very carefully. All the usual stuff: low protein, low potassium, low salt etc. I was taking a phosphorus binder initially but stopped that after my first year and that doesn't seem to be a problem. I fence competitively in national level tournaments so I do get a lot of exercise. I am 74 years old and have been very careful about COVID but finally will be able to get a vaccination in April. Vaccine appointments in New York City are hard to come by. I can't tell you exactly what I'm doing that has allowed me to avoid dialysis (likewise I've rejected transplant offers), but I can say that it can be done. Don't give up!

Hi, @transplant217, Like probably most, I was very alarmed initially with my CKD diagnosis and began researching sites for help. Unfortunately, my nephrologist has provided such little guidance that I will be seeing a new one next month. In the meantime, a dietitian proved very helpful as has tracking my kidney lab scores since the diagnosis.

I also salute @kamama94 for her kidney friendly recipes shared on this forum and am grateful for Davita.com as another trusted source which provides recipes that can be modified as needed for each individual.

While I've improved my eGFR scores through strict diet, exercise, and addressing any lab values out-of-kelter on my own, like you, my increased creatinine scores are my biggest concern. So I really appreciated your posing your question. I am hoping the new nephrologist will offer more help with my rapidly changing creatinine levels.

Ginger's, @gingerw, response to you about changes made to her husband's diet plan are so encouraging. Finding this patient group early in my diagnosis has brought me so much encouragement. I'm thankful for the research and reporting on kidney disease and only wish more were made aware and much earlier of the importance of kidney function in our lives.

I think staying very pro-active with questions and our own research will help keep us away from dialysis much longer. Thanks for your posts and wishing all on this CKD path the very best going forward.