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Underweight & Can't seem to Gain Weight

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Hi @fiesty76 I have the opposite problem with not being able to lose any weight regardless of what I do. It is frustrating. Before my AVM I grew tarragon in my garden. One of my friends gave me a plant. I thought its flowers were pretty. When I researched its side effects and benefits I discovered tarragon increased appetite so I did not use it in my cooking. Mango fruit is another food that can increase weight. Although those 2 foods taste great I managed to omit them from my diet. Perhaps using different foods with timing for increasing or maintaining weight will fool your body. Often we hear our body can get used to a substance so it becomes less effective. Hopefully you will get answers from your endocrinologist soon. Wish you well. Toni

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@avmcbellar, Whether we fall into the over or under weight spectrum, it can prove a perplexing challenge to find and try new approaches to help our condition. I truly appreciate your response and suggestions!

I do grow and use tarragon as a seasoning but now will be much more liberal with it. Mangos, otoh, have never seemed that flavorful to me but I am more than willing to give them another chance, too! smiles Maybe mixing them with more flavorful fruits would be the trick?

An aside that now has me yearning even more for summer occurred yesterday in doing a "dr.google" search to see if hollyhock seeds appealed to backyard birds. Hollyhocks are prolific seed bearers and it was truly a surprise to learn that all parts of the hollyhock are safe edibles for humans. While they don't seem to get much attention from the birds I've been feeding, I was stunned to learn this.

Still waiting for the endo referral appt but in the meantime, I am looking forward to "mixing up my diet" with more new appetite tempters thanks to you, Toni.

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