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billie3 (@billie3)

Underweight & Can't seem to Gain Weight

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Hi @billie3

I appreciate your post about the need to eat and maintain your weight. I also work to keep my weight up. I've had three surgeries of the upper digestive tract which included resections. After the second surgery, I also experienced a diminished appetite with weight loss. it was a concern to me as well. I suppose whenever we feel any part of our life is out of our control, it has a way of creating anxiety.

Since you mentioned having seen an endocrinologist and a dietician I'm wondering if you have seen a gastroenterologist. This doctor might do endoscopies to look for any problems in the digestive tract which may cause weight loss or a lack of appetite. Have you seen a GI specialist recently?

While it is certainly difficult to eat when you don't feel hungry, I certainly agree with what Sue, @sueinmn, said about being very intentional about eating small meals on a regular basis. Meals and snacks high in protein and good carbohydrates are important.

I look forward to hearing how you are doing with this problem. Will you post again and keep in touch?

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Thx for all the comments/feedback re:unintentional weight loss I've experienced. Reassuring to know I'm not alone with this issue. Last summer (in August) it was bloody hot here for wks. Despite the heat/humidity I was working a lot outdoors in our garden and I think that's when my weight (115) started to slip. And as one of you mentioned, Covid was in high gear at that pt and could have been a factor in my weight loss. When Covid hit and the reality of not being able to see our grandkids for months & months (still haven't seen them!) I think I was mildly depressed and my appetite waned for sure.
In the meantime . . . thank you to Sue, Lori, Erika, Teresa, fiesty76 and others who've "weighed in" (no pun intended). I have a colonoscopy scheduled for March 8 so maybe that will reveal something. I continue to eat 6 small meals/day, get serious about protein, etc. I started to eat junk food and/or fatty food to see if I could gain, but gave all that up since that would just make my A1C # increase (mine is normal rt now) and increase my blood cholesterol. There are days when my appetite wanes and I have to remind myself to eat. Someone mentioned a med to increase one's appetite, but I'd rather not take a med to "fix" my dilemma.