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@lac2 Thats why I only do Restasis only once instead of following Dr direction At night I put Latanoprest in eyes for Glucoma This was my decision but ask your Dr about only doing once. I found when my eyes feel dry at night a little cool water on the eyes help me During day I use the drops when needed I'm a retired nurse and don't like taking a lot of chemicals but you can tell your Dr about the burn in eyes and see what she says This is just what I do myself I'm not advocating this for others ,just me Good luck I,ll be interested in knowing what Dr says

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@lioness thanks for the inside information! Adult daughter over for half hour covid visit, she started dry eyes last year and is suffering a lot. I remembered I bought a tube of ointment for eyes unopened so she will try that tonight. That its so cold here in winter and windows shut 5 months doesnt help; now when i wake up at 4am i open window and inch and shut bedroom door...well, doubt if having affect on eyes but nice to breath in fresh air - I have an electric blanket over my mattress and that has helped my old bones a lot! I havent had a family dr for over a year and go to a walkin clinic but have an optometrist . I dont know about you lioness but when my eyes are at their dryest and sorest it makes my whole body hurt! I too use Latanaprost but it is the type without preservatives called Monoprost, was prescription so hardly any cost to me, single dose, for Glaucoma. The dry eye drops Hylo I pay myself but stuck in with Covid and not being well to go out am hardly spending money on anything else! Had migraine today and fell onto a site linking: migraines; dry eyes; fibro; tmj; ibs and back pain - but not solution ! I am going to do some research on the drops you are using later thanks. J. Oh now other daughter has Tinnitus like me and they say things are not hereditary! J.