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@tinea Erika gave you some good advice I can only imagine how you feel I'm glad you stopped the nasal drops this may have been what has irritated your nose When your nose is swollen and it's hard to breath have you tried Vicks just put it under your nose this opens your nasal passages .I have sever dry eyes also My Dr recommended Restasis but they burn I found for myself I use only once as I have Glucoma and use it at night if I do both at night eyes really sore and burn ,I had to figure out what worked for me so use Restasis during day only In morning I use a eye wash before I start with drops this is my routine Everyone has to listen to your body to see what it will accept Dr,s can suggest and diagnose but you are your own advocate and know how you react . I use a allergy pill to contain my post nasal drip Humidifier for dry eyes and nose. Have you seen a ENT for your nose ?Tell him you can't breathe and it's a struggle I hope you make an appointment Wishes my you the best

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@lioness hello i have chronic dry eyes for years and narrow angle glaucoma and am at a loss, plus laundry list of other issues…today had another ocular migaine.. had them since a child and now 77… had to cancel 2 appointments.. i get the small blind spot which turns into bright moving zigzags in vision for about half hour then it goes and I used to get terrific one side of headaches but last 20 years not. I was interested in the Restatis – cycclosporin….. but different web sites have different info. But I just found a good website that links dry eyes with migraines and tmj and some other health problems I have… honestly, I print these pages off but am now swamped with paperwork and getting nowhere. Is it worth burning eyes to get relief from dry eye syptoms?